There is a little over a month left until we can all hold Opposition in our hands. Daemon & Kitten has been chosen by the publishers of The Lux Series to be apart of the Opposition blog tour! So here we go! The prompt i have to answer is:

What do you like most about The Lux Series?

I love…

I have to say I LOVE everything about the Lux Series. Its one of my top favorite books. I love of course the love that Daemon has for Kat and how they got there connection when he healed her. I love all the action in it that makes my heart race. I love that it has aliens and that they have powers. And also how the author drew out the love story between the main characters. Even though I wanted them together faster I think that’s is what kept my interest in it even more. I love the whole story line. I am DYING to read Opposition and I cannot wait for it to come out!! And it’s being released on my birthday!! YAY!!